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no seeds or peers


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Hi, I have the latest version of utorrent and Lion. Utorrent worked perfectly until a few weeks ago when all of a sudden if I try to DL something it finds 0(0) peers and seeds and places it directly on the inactive list. I've tried using firefox and chrome and on different internet connections. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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I`m having the same issue, although intermittently. Using Snow leopard. Add a file, It briefly finds 1 peer and then just reverts to 0 on both and stays inactive. It doesnt happen all the time but when it does, it happens for any torrent added.

Anybody got a solution to this?

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Could you please send more info to us?

You need:

1) install and run the latest uTorrent beta

2) go to Help->"Report an Issue"

3) fill out the forms (please enter your email as well)

4) click "Report the bug"

5) start download anything

5) wait for 3 min while uTorrent collects the information and sends report to us


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