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Disable moving directory in set download location


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How can i disable utorrent from automatically moving contents when i select set download location after starting a torrent file. The reason is that a lot of time i want to finish seeding a torrent which the original seeder never bother to complete. So i need to be able to manually set new download location without utorrent automatically moving files around. There is no point having duplicated directories with same contents.


movie1.torrent contains one directory files:movie.avi, movie.nfo. The original seeder however did not complete the seeding and was only able to get 50% of the movie.avi file. But i found the same torrent containing the same files on a registered site being completely seeded. I want to be able to set the download location of the second torrent to the directory of the first torrent so that it will be able to recheck the half completed movie.avi file and download the incompleted portions of the movie.avi and not starting a whole new download of the same files in another directory. After it's done completing the movie.avi file, that would allows me to 1) finish the seeding of the

orignal torrent and 2)allows me to keep seeding back the second torrent downloaded from the registered site so I can keep getting the credit on registered site. The way the "set download location" works in the new ver does not allow me to do this.

As I said, there's no point having multiple directories with duplicated content if you have more than 1 torrents with the same files in them. When I was using 1.8.5, I can manually set the location of multiple torrents with the same content to the single directory. Not sure when that was changed but using ver 3.2 i lost that ability.

Much appreciated if someone can point to the setting so i can disable this feature. This feature is a step back in my opinion. I hate to have to go back to using 1.8.5 which allows me to do this. Thanks

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It's not really about overwriting the file as much as what i want is when I select set download location, i want to set the new location of the files, not "i want to move the directory and files to another location". I really think they should go back to not relocating the content of the torrent. It really defeat the purpose of being able to manually set the download location manually to another place.

DreadWingKnight, I hope you understand what I am saying.....

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The original directory name of the two torrent files might be slightly different. If that's the case, it won't try to overwrite and give me the option to not overwrite. It will keep relocating the directory when i try to set download location.

I think that set download location should really go back to just strictly setting the download location and NOT also having the utorrent moves files around. I can do the moving myself. Thanks but no thanks, utorrent.....

I have no idea who changed this. If they want, they should add another option for "relocating files to another location" and not muddle that with setting download location.... Arrrjhhhh.

Does anyone else find this annoying?

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I have a similar issue.

For some reason uTorrent 3.1.3 had begun moving files to the local drive when seeding.

I have the default location set to a network drive (actually a NAS) and uTorrent has begun moving files to the local drive for some reason. I move them back. It moves them back. It's like an extremely tedious game of checkers.

What might cause this? There is room on the NAS. The path and filenames are correct. Seems very stubborn about this new behavior.

I am thinking of going back to 2.0.4 before uTorrent started trying to be more than it needed to be. DO people really want to use this software to manage their digital library? Vuze went the same direction. Everyone seems to want to improve until they are no longer useful.

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