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Torrent Mysteriously Appeared


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This is strange, but a torrent for the movie "Girls Gone Dead" appeared in my uTorrent window. It was apparently started at 2:35 am last night.

This is weird because I definitely didn't download it.This is not the sort of movie I'm interested in, and I usually download TV shows. I was in my room next to my laptop, so I doubt that anyone came in and started it.

I've eliminated most possible causes: I have no RSS feeds active. I was using "Automatic" for awhile, but this has been deactivated for several weeks. uTorrent is not configured to automatically load files. The only thing that I can think of is that someone logged into my uTorrent Remote account and manually uploaded a file.

Are there any uTorrent Remote log files that can show how this torrent got into my uTorrent application?

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