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Moving torrents from XP to Windows 8


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Hii guys, i know this has been asked a lot but mostly for same OS or windows 7 to windows 8.

My problem is that i have an incomplete download on my PC which is running windows XP and i want to move it to windows 8. The downloads in windows XP were going to my downloads folder in my documents. In my windows 8 under preferences it doesn't say where the downloads go to but i am assuming they go under user->downloads folder. i saw other people saying that i copy the entire utorrent folder under %appdata% and replace in new PC which i did and i did copy the folder of the incomplete download and placed it under downloads in the new PC and started utorrent but it says job not.... i clicked on force recheck and same thing, what am i doing wrong? I also under preferences went and changed the directory to downloads to specify that it checks there and again same issue.

Thanks again.

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