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Network Trouble And Speed Problems


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Hey all,

Very new to networking so forgive me for my lack of knowledge. My problem is recently when I try to download something in Utorrent my speeds have slowed to a crawl (around 20-40 kb/s). In addition, I get the red exclamation point error saying a firewall or router is limiting my traffic. The problem is my firewall is designated by norton antivirus, which has confirmed that utorrent is automatically configured to work in the firewall. my router is a netgear and I have heard that port forwarding helps speeds, but I am concerned to do this for privacy and safety reasons. Does port forwarding reduce anonymity? I'm, stumped because when I first began using utorrent my speeds were fantastic. I havnt really changed anything other than using a proxy but even them I was still getting 1.0 mb/s speeds. Im pretty sure my NAT is open. Does anyone have any advice to offer? Thanks.


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