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Wireless signal keeps on dying when downloading via µTorrent?


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It seems that whenever I reach a download speed of 1+ MB/s on at least 2 files, the Wi-Fi signal begins disconnecting and automatically connect it again. However, if I'd to download via normal direct download, it can sustain an accumulative speed of 6MB/s on a separated files (4-6 files at 600KB/s - 1+ MB/s each).

I have a PCI-e 1x network adapter (TP-LINK TL-WN781ND) installed and it has the bandwidth of 150mbps and a newly bought 300mbps Gigabit router by ASUS (RT-N15U). Oh and after it reconnects again after random disconnection, my download speed begins to fluctuate around 5-200 KB/s and normal web-surfing is very slow. However, when I restart my computer or restart µTorrent, the speed begins to go back to normal speed - a fluctuation of 1MB/s to 3MB/s per files and there is no interruption on web-surfing.

So what could be the problem here - is it the µTorrent client itself that causes the issue or is it my wireless network adapter is dying? All the configuration settings on µTorrent is at default and all drivers are up to date.

P.S. I have been using my wireless adapter for almost 1+ year now and never encounter this kind of issue before.

P.S.S. My ISP does NOT throttle P2P/BitTorrent traffic and it's a 100mbps fibre plan

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