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How do i set up seeding after transfering files to a new pc?


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Possibly you have moved them in a different path with a new pc? Or perhaps you need to force a recheck? What error are the missing torrents showing?

Eg. error, invalid download state, try resuming (means a drive is no longer available), or error: missing files from jobs (means they are not in the expected directory but the drive exists)

Right click on the column names at the top of the torrents and add the 'save directory' column (it's the last one on the list). This will tell you where utorrent is expecting to find each of your torrents. You can turn the column off when you have finished.

If you can move the torrents to the old location, then all you have to do is right click and use 'force re-check' on them.

You can also change the location by right clicking on one, 'advanced', 'set download location...' and setting the new location.

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