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Problem removing a Label


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It's a bug. For the moment, you have four choices.

(1) You could remove the torrents and reload them, assuming you only have one or two torrents like that. They will be sitting in the utorrent directory, so you don't even have to redownload them.

(2) Stop utorrent, make a backup of the resume.dat file and use the bencode editor discussed here:


It is designed to edit resume.dat in a meaningful way.

(3) Stop utorrent, make a back up copy of resume.dat file in your utorrent directory and edit it with notepad. Replace all occurrences of the label with the ampersand to a different character, as follows:

Count the number of characters in the label, including the ampersand. E.g., let's assume a label of useless& and therefore a length of 8.

Replace 8:useless& to 8:uselessZ

Ensure the same number of characters are used for the new label.

The the text n: with the number of characters is before all labels and will ensure you don't replace something that is not a label.

(4) Live with it until it is fixed :)

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