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Transfer Cap + Forced Download = DHT disabled


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When you have set a transfer cap and hit it, DHT is disabled. This is usually what you want, but when you have set a torrent to be forced download, you don't want it to be affected by this. However, because DHT is still disabled, it may very well slow down your torrent or even halt its progress entirely.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Set a transfer cap below what you currently have, making sure your torrents get stopped.

2. Force start a torrent

3. Notice that in the status bar it says that DHT is disabled, but you cannot enable it because "Enable DHT" is checked

4. See that when selecting the torrent, you can also find in the trackers tab that it isn't using DHT because it is disabled

Suggested solution:

Does DHT generate traffic if no torrent is active?

If not, the solution can be simply not to disable DHT when the transfer cap is reached.

If this is the case, the solution would seem to be harder and would require a third (internal) mode for the DHT status: disabled but forcible (and maybe a fourth too: disabled but forced).

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