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Location of torrents error


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So previously my setup looked like this:


Then I changed it to this:


Then it added '.loaded' to the end of every torrent file, and now my torrents won't load.

I get an error on every single torrent that says:

[2012-10-01 20:55:48] Error: <NULL> - Can't open .torrent file: C:\Torrent Files\(request) examplenameoffile.torrent

Any way I can get the several hundred torrents I have to run properly again?

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Rename them back? Manually? I have almost 400 torrents. Oh man :( And it has to force recheck every single one of them. This is gonna take forever! No other option?

I have changed the folders. It's a bit confusing. I read the help file, but I'm still not sure if I get it... so let me ask...

"Store .torrents in sets the location that µTorrent should save .torrent files to. By default, µTorrent will save these files to the settings directory. "

-Why would I want to store the torrents? Google Chrome already does this when I download a torrent file. However, what about my RSS torrents? Would they get stored in this location?

"Move .torrents for finished jobs to moves .torrent files to the specified location after it is completed. By default, these files remain in the same location that they were first copied to."

-Why would I want them be moved? Any example?

What about when I choose to remove and delete a .torrent? WIll it delete the torrent file from this location or the first location for storage or both?

"Automatically load .torrents in directory tells µTorrent to check the specified directory every second for new new .torrent files, and automatically load them. Note that the directory specified here must be different from the directories specified in the .torrent storage settings, otherwise, you will run into problems with .torrent files looking like they're missing to µTorrent."

-I had it set to load the torrents that I downloaded before, and never had a problem, even thought I saw in the logs it advised not to do this. It was always how I'd run it though.

I download a torrent, and it would save the torrent file to C:\Torrent Files, and then if I closed uTorrent, it would automatically load the torrent files from this folder which were linked to the downloaded files in the downloaded files location. It just made sense to me like that. So now I'm really confused with what will happen if I set all 3 of these save locations. I feel like a total noob even though I've been using uTorrent since it started.

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