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"Set Download Location" for a group of torrents.


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Scenario: I have recently upgraded to a new torrent server. I am moving several thousand torrents from the old box to the new. One clever trick is to right click a torrent, select Advanced, then use "Set Download Location" to have uTorrent move the files from my old local drives to a network share (a NAS), then perform the same process on the new server to move it from the NAS back to a local drive. This allows me to leave the windows level file copying and uTorrent configuration editing out of the picture. Currently it is possible to select multiple files for this operation, but each one has to have its new path selected individually. Times several thousand.

Feature: I would like (love) to be able to select multiple files, select Advanced/Set Download Location, and tell it one folder to move all of the torrents to.

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