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Partfile use in multi-file torrents


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UT v2.1 to v3.2 all have problems where you can't have partfiles enabled for multi-file torrents. If you do, you will get the disk overloaded problems well documented in the forum. Back in v2.0 and below, it was really convenient to have partfiles because I can dl a multi-file torrent and guarantee the size it will take up on my HD. If I select only 3 eps in a batch of 12, only 3 eps will be downloaded, the partfile took up minimal space. But currently, because partfile MUST be disabled, UT will dl more than just 3 files. There's no way to know how many extra files UT will download. All of these extra files are allocated fully. So in terms of HD space, that same torrent could take up 5 eps of space (or 6, or 10)... It is wasting ~10-15 GB of HD space for me on average (I dl a lot of multi-file torrents).

However, my questions here pertain to the future implementation of partfiles in v3.3+. Is it possible for a UT dev to spend a couple minutes answering these questions?

1) Will partfiles ever come back for multi-file torrents?

2) If it's not possible due to engineering problems, can we at least have a more thought out approach to handling the extra files? For example, put all extra files in a temp folder that gets automatically deleted when the torrent is deleted? And, there's no need to fully allocated these useless files that probably only have a few pieces of actual data.

3) Finally, is it possible to make the default settings of v3.3+ such that any solution is transparent to the final user?

UT has always been and will continue to be a really good (FREE!) program. My understanding is that disabling partfiles was only a temporary workaround. UT might probably already have a more permanent solution in mind. If so, I hope you guys can share it here with us.

- long time UT user

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It's well documented that the 3.2 has issues, it's also well documented that many of these issues have been sorted in the latest 3.2.1 beta version, so try that and see if it solves your problem.

You don't really understand the points I am trying to convey. I have been and continue to read the changelogs in v3.2.1. Not one addresses the questions I bought up.

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For example, in v3.3 changelogs, there are some entries that might actually address my questions.

--2012-09-26: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28038)

- Feature: Added settings to optimize disk IO including write through and compact allocation by filesystem

-- 2012-05-23: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27280)

- Fix: partfile use

But it is unclear what those changes mean exactly. Could a UT dev explain in more detail?

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