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Help please (slow speeds if downloading at all)


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Sorry it has probably been answered thousand times but I can't seem to find an answer that works for me.

A week or so ago I downloaded and started using utorrent 3.2. Since then I have downloaded about 5gb. Speedtest.net says that my internet's upload and download speeds are between 3-4 mB/s. Up until today utorrent has been downloading at around 270kB/s, now they're at 0.7-18 kB/s and that's if they even want to download at all.

I use Microsoft Security Essentials but don't think that's the problem as that hasn't changed today. I also noticed that I can no longer select sydney for the bandwith thing and so it has put Paris as the default.

Attached is the current results of internet connections. The symbol has been the orange triangle and sometimes disappears entirely. Also occasionally in the network section of the tests I get a yellow tick.

Can this be easily explained?


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