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Is there possible run the mp3 or wav file when torrent download finish


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i want to generally ask from you you have already put the option in utorrent run the program when torrent finish is this possible we can run mp3 file instead of program when torrent downloading finish mp3 or wave file run then song automatically play. it will easier if your downloading going on your laptop or computer screen off. when your download completes a song will play. then user will come to know.his or her downloading complete :rolleyes:

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You can always add a simple .bat and point utorrent to that file...

options>preference>advanced>run program


cd "C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\"

start mpc-hc.exe /minimized /play /close "C:\Windows\Media\tada.wav"

*Edit the .bat for your particular player and sound file

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