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how to get data (name, speed, ID, ration, size, etc) from utorrent?


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I have utorrent version 3.2, windows 7 and python compiler version 3.3.

I've read the entire section of the website http://www.utorrent.com/intl/en/community/developers/webapi # devs3.

My goal: it's get data of torrent link that is downloading (speed, status, size, etc).

I've tried to get the data (hash, status, progress, size, dl_speed, ul_speed, ratio, etc.) of torrent from utorrent.

I think that I have suitable tools such as a module in python called "requests" (newest version) to connect to http://localhost:32768/gui/token.html and I have a webUI too installed.

The python seems to do its job, but it doesn't get the data from utorrent that I want. I've read several other articles and I did not succeed to how to do that.

I can't read any information from utorrent and I doesn't get to list the torrents that are downloads.

I am beginner and very curious, I want to learn how to make a python program to get the data about torrent links that are downloaded on the utorrent.

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I made the code below to gather torrent details

import requests
import json

# Pega a tokenID para autenticar o acesso aos dados estatísticos do utorrent
tokenID = requests.get('http://localhost:32768/gui/token.html', auth=('nano','xxx'))

#Parser para extrair somente o token
token = tokenID.text.split('>')[2].split('<')[0]

#Autenticação com user + senha + token
req = requests.get('http://localhost:32768/gui/', auth=('nano', 'xxx'), params={'list':'1','token':token})

When I've typed req.text on python console I get the message: "invalid request'

what is it going on?

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My tokens always end with '=' which requests changes to an '%3D'

%3D is the hexadecimal ASCII code for the = sign and is converted because the = sign is ONLY allowed in URLs to delimit a key/value pair in URL parameters.



The conversion process is called URL Encoding, where all 'illegal' characters are converted to their hex equivalent,

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1) uTorrent server can handle both '=' and '3D%'

2) You are missing out the GUID cookie in your request. That's why you receive the 'invalid request' message.


import requests

req = requests.get('http://localhost:8080/gui/token.html', auth=('admin',''))

token = req.text.split('>')[2].split('<')[0]
guid = req.cookies['GUID']

cookies = dict(GUID = guid);

req = requests.get('http://localhost:8080/gui/', auth=('admin', ''), params={'list':'1','token':token}, cookies=cookies)

print req.text

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