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associate with torrent files problem


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Operating system and browser of choice are???

My operating system is Windows 7 and my browser is Internet Explorer and I am using Yahoo asmy homepage If that is any help. I recently changed up to utorrent version 3.2.1. from utorrent 2.0.3. Thank you for any assist.

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to associate .torrent files with the application :

Open Windows explorer ({Start} + E) navigate to where the .torrent files are stored -> Right Click on a .torrent file pick Properties from the menu -> Click [Change...] on the General tab -> select the uTorrent icon, tick "Always use the selected ...." -> Click [Ok] and you're done.

If uTorrent is not in the "Recommended Programs" panel, use the [browse ...] button to find it first.

IE should then honour the Windows default applications and show you an "Open With" dialogue when you click on a "download torrent" link.

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Did you ever have any other program associated with .torrent files?

You can also try this...

-Right-click on a .torrent file that you have on your hard drive and select "Open With."

-Select uTorrent from the list or click "Browse" and find uTorrent to select it. (usually in program files directory)

-Make sure the box called "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked and then click "OK."

or this...

-Open the Control Panel and double click on the Default Programs icon.

-Click on the Associate a file type or protocol with a program link.

-Under the left Name column, select a file extension type (.TORRENT) that you want to change what program will open it by default, then click on the Change Program button.

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