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Files downloading to /home and not /downloads


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I've always had files download to my /downloads folder but now for some reason they are downloading into my /home folder.

I've checked my settings and those havent changed. It still says download into /downloads so why are they going into my /home folder?

Any ideas? Very annoying!!

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Yeah, the same happens to me just after I updated to Mountain Lion.

Even More, when download is completed and I click the remove button, before the update only removed the entry from utorrent list, now remove also the file in the disk!

Please, any idea, solution...

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Thanks for reporting!

Please specify you uTorrent version.


Version 1.7.9 (28032)

I think I've noticed a couple of times too when I remove the completed torrent from uTorrent it deletes the downloaded file off the disk.

Same version, 1.7.9 (28032).

And yes, the removed files issue doesn't happen always.

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