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Do you use a 2.x or older version of uT?


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that older versions are not supported anymore,
and thus upon reading the title of this thread I felt my query would be entertained to some extent and I would get a possible suggestive solution or two.

Your client is no longer supported and this thread is enquiring WHY people prefer to run an older, unsupported client and the reasons.

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Hi, I am stuck with v2.04 22967, the last version allowing to show all finished torrents of multiple groups, or only files of group x that are active. I really don't miss the overfreighted ui of v3 ;-) , its a shame that the devellopers deceided to go another way.

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Ι use 2.2.1 and I stop in that version. I have upload terabytes of data with this version without a problem. To be honest I try the new versions 3.* but the lack of stability and the fear of problems and bugs (I remember the config file fail), the fancy new things that I never use, make me to stay in the old good version. :D

The magnet/url link is work even though not provide the dialog… but this is minor to me, as I can choose the files in a next step. Also I like more the simple interface. 2.2.1 it is faster and uses less memory. I have test new versions in Windows 7. However I have mentioned somewhere in the forum that when a connection is lost (network down) the 2.2.1 version cannot reconnect to torrents and if I shutdown the PC and restart it everything is fine. :mad:

A version of 2.2.1 with only enhancements of things (like UTP –does 2.2.1 have the last version? I do not know…, magnet dialog, remove of apps and bloat functionality, stability issues and network re-connections fix and better performance will be great for me).

And to be honest I was about to move to a different client if the trackers I follow stop supporting 2.2.1 version. However, I am grateful that you provide the 2.2.1 version and work in utorrent and also ask ours opinion.


PS. I agree with nbz list!!!! ;)

PS1. Also I have stop visiting utorrent forum because of all those issues of the new versions… why I need to read about more and more problems?

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I'm using 2.2.1 for now. 3.2.2 works well enough but I have trouble getting upload credit with it, it just doesn't seed that well. 2.2.1 is constantly uploading at nearly the full rate while 3.2.2 struggles to make any connections at all. All necessary ports are open and the program is properly configured in both cases.

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2.2.21738. It's the last build that:

- does NOT check for availability of files for torrents with "Finished" status;


BTW - modern versions have both of these issues: in latest builds, if the drive files of the torrent with "Finished" status were allocated on doesn't present in the system anymore, the torrent will get erroneous status (which is bad). 2.2.21738 ignores anything related torrents with "Finished" status (which is good).

Yes, this check can be pretty annoying. I have my files scattered over multiple drives which are asleep most of the time. Once I fire up µtorrent all drives will wake up even though I don't want to use them.

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uT users with anything higher than 2.2.1 aren't welcome on our tracker. I don't think I have to explain why. Everybody is fine with that, because they need a stable, light, fast and primary-objective-oriented software.

I believe all this monetization and other s**t route of 3.x is what eventually may lead uT to downfall. We all remember examples of software that took the wrong road and ended up in garbage state forgotten by userbase.

That is why we started recommending other (modern and foss) torrent clients we found to be stable and appropriate. Also I find that user community control over open-source software is much easier.

Good luck with uT 4.x, developers, if you remember what uT was loved for and come up with something worth, "we'll meet again".

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I was using μTorrent since 1.0.x and stopped upgrading from 2.2.1 (build 25302).

I'm just deeply disappointed that it's initial philosophy:

"Out of general discontent with bloatware, Serge Paquet suggested to Ludvig Strigeus that he should make a smaller and more efficient BitTorrent client." (source: Wikipedia)

was ironically so badly overturned....

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I can't see a benefit after "BitTorrent, Inc" acquired uTorrent, many thing I realy dislike in newer version.

Many of options should be plugins not core client.

I think the good thing of newer version is only UTP protocol.

It's look like they try to make torrent client to have full option but I think they making torrent client to othing thing and I feel like uTorrent running away from me.

I know I can use older version but how about compatibility and security which I really concern.

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Using version 2.2.1 (25302)

Why it's good? Well, let's see:

  • Stable

  • No disk I/O and caching issues

  • No ads

  • No social features

  • No streaming features

  • No multimedia features

  • No anti-virus integration

  • Clean and fast UI:

  1. It is considerably more responsive without visible delay

  2. Search engine field that CAN BE hidden (while on that topic — every sane person expects this field to be used for filtering existing torrents and does not expect it to perform external web search)

  3. Narrower rows in the main list. More information fits on the screen as a result

  4. No comment/rating tabs (that don't go away even when you explicitly turn them off)

  5. No dialog window that ask you to rate every single torrent you delete (while ratings has been explicitly turned off)

    One problem that 2.2.1 has is "Apps" which you can not turn off, uTorrent keeps creating directories at every restart (at least App Pane can be hidden). And one minor annoyance is Find Content Pane (luckily can be hidden as well).

    this really cannot be quoted enough. major version 3 has literally no features that would entice me to update, and a lot of bloat that actively discourages updating. i also fail to be intimidated by tales of exploits in 2.2.1, considering how nearly every 3.x release had critical bugs in it - if anything, i think 2.2.1 is safer than any 3.x version.

    i like what you said about multithreaded I/O in an upcoming release, but until 3.x performs at least as well as 2.2.1 with the as much or less bloat, i'm not updating. if an opensource client that lets me import my torrents from utorrent comes along before then i'll probably jump ship.

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I prefer the old add torrent dialog. I really, really dislike the new split path/filename in 3.2.1. I like being able to edit the whole path, but, more importantly, I like being able to edit the filename at the same time. I used to use the ... browse function to select my folder, then I would select a file (usually the last one) so I could then just change the relevant data. For example, if I was downloading the 30th chapter of something, I could just hilite the 29th chapter, change the '29' to '30' and change the previous chapter's subject to the new subject, and boom - the rest of the formatting for the filename is done, Now I have to actually go the directory I'm saving in in Windows Explorer, select the old file, copy the filename, and go BACK to uTorrent.

Please give us the option of the older add torrent dialog back, at least?

I totaly support this one! Please, return it as it was, the new one is SO inconvenient!

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Ohh nice topic i see! :D Well let me start my suggestion to utorrent staff.

THE Interface: well here its easy(do it like vuze a.k.a azureus). just make 2 themes. Light and Dark or New and OLD theme :P i will show my suggestion in .jpg format and my skin the dark theme. If anyone wants the light theme with the beautiful green and blue pastel colors okey.. if anyone likes it dark ok. we have it! :) there are more suggestion is keep the big arrows(from 2.2.1).. but small rows Dont hide the arrows of download and seeding like this ... i remember that i have to read in forums when i first install 3x. version to bring back the arrows im not watching the graphical progress only arrows :) ! not so big rows for torrents.. something like utorrent 2.2.1 but the graph progress bar with percentage of completition .. to be with rounded corners and small rows! because im an artist (well im trying) and must tell you in version 3.x i like the color when the torrents are paused its beautiful grey! grey is good for the eyes :) and.. some people like it grey(50 shades of grey :D ) . Another thing i dont like the ads and the bars in utorrent 3.x this is not the way to gain money or fame or advertise something.. no. Make that program to work!.. and just put on your website some bar/ad for donations... and i will tell you if the people are happy of your work they will give you something back! :P. Next Connectivity.. well personaly i see some problems with utp bandwidth limiting and must tell you 2.2.1 using 02 cpu uploading with 1.5-2,0mbyte/s thats great.. and 2.2.1 connects to more peers than 3.x thats my observations :). 3.x uses more ram. Enough with complaining :D now utorrent is simple and verry tiny torrent client i like it allot and still using it after so many years. If anyone from the staff reads this i can tell you just observe the old versions that are mostly used by users like. 1.8.2 - 1.8.4 - 2.0.4 - 2.2.1 and take all the good stuff from all them and hopefuly bring utorrent 4.x . :cool: Here some pics

The dark color theme that i made :) for 2.2.1 and above.. it looks really cool for 3.x


Here are additional icons showing erorr missing file.. finished icon and queued etc. :D


Thats utorrent 2.2.1 tiny graph progress my suggestion just make it with round corners but keep it small :)


Here is what i like in utorrent 2.2.1 .. i hide the torrents using photoshop :D.


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I *was* using 3.2.x latest build release as of today. Just prior 28086 for a month or so.

BECAUSE of this thread I went back to 25302, thanks to f i le hip po, and download speed shot up, and CPU went down. Much better build imho.

This 3.x crap is just that. Sorry, epic fail developers.

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Completely stopped using uTorrent at 2.2.1. I could see where this was going with all the crappy additions that were propagating into the program. I use Transmission now and never looked back. It supports uTP as well and has a nice feature of running as a daemon. When you need, you can start up a gui ... and there are many different guis that DO look like 1.x 2.x uTorrent.

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To the question of why nobody complains that we prohibit using uT versions newer than 2.2.1 for usage with our tracker...

"Modern" uT reminds me of skype: as of v2 it was a nice piece of software: sleek, clean, fast and light. And now the monstrosity of v6 produced by the sleeping reason of "creative staff" and marketologists.

Meanwhile newer versions of uT have got a higher CPU load on routers...

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As I wrote above, I was using uT 2.2.21738. A couple of weeks ago I have tried version 1.8 - and now I'm using it:

  1. I've never seen download/upload statistics like "5.0 Mb download / 1.8 Mb upload" - neither in latest builds nor in 2.2.21738. No I don't mean that uT never downloaded or uploaded at this speeds - but not simultaneously: if download speed was high, upload speed was low; if there's currently no download in progress then upload speed was high. I was pretty sure that it's hardware limitation - unless I've tried v1.8.
  2. Both 2.2.21738 and latest builds took hours to close correctly (I have almost 5000 torrents in list). v1.8 closes in seconds.
  3. Because of smaller font and/or icons in v1.8, more torrents (and columns) fit in torrent list - even in comparison to v2, not to mention v3.
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