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µTorrent 3.2.2 beta


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bt shows:

Seeds: 7 of 25 connected (10 in swarm)

Peers: 1 of 15 connected (4 in swarm)

uT shows:

Seeds: 0 of 1 connected (10 in swarm)

Peers: 0 of 34 connected (4 in swarm)

Really interested in knowing what's going on here.

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=691192#p691192 ...


The new "Create Sub-folder" check-box in the Add-torrent dialog disappears when you shrink it...

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but the preliminary finding is pointing towards a problem with the uTorrent client and protocol handling.

More likely a firewall or AV issue on your end. All is fine here (using ubuntu torrent)

I might agree there but the clients are running on the same machine so it should be a level playing ground where AV and firewall are concerned.

About the only other possibility would be the CPU time given over to each client, but I'll draw the line at playing with thread priorities to level the ground on that :D

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Both clients have the same privilges through the firewall.

P2P scan is not installed on Avast.

Each port is forwarded through the router.

Both clients are using ports not associated with P2P networking.

Protocol encryption is disabled.

And as I said earlier settings for queueing and bandwith were set the same, bandwith allocations all 'normal' and bandwidth limit set at unlimited, so the field was as level as it possibly can be.

I have no need of "Internet Security software", Sixteen years of looking after the four webservers and the clients we host, plus fifteen years as a company network manager prior to that (the two do overlap by about five or six years though), has given me enough real world experience with hackers, crackers and script kiddies to know that shutting them out with hardware firewalls or routing vulnerable ports to nowhere is more effective than any software firewall can be, no matter what Norton's or McAfee's marketing drones say.

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I see the sponsored torrent came back on the interface... but then it would when you changed/removed the wording from sponsored_torrent_offer_ to offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_ :rolleyes:

Another delve into the advanced options to turn something else off.

It only changed the display name, not the internal name. If you had the setting off before, it should stay off.

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That should be fixed now

It seems to now work with "utorrent-[MAJOR][MINOR][TINY]-[bUILD#].chm" (now: utorrent-322-28447.chm). So' date=' expect to accumulate hundreds of help files in time... :P[/quote']

rafi what about utorrent 3.4 alpha http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=126630 working good only installer issues in utorrent 3.4 new feature silent auto update

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I have for the first time' date=' encountered problems with uTorrent (3.2.2 RC1). There are only 2, but I feel they for sure need addressed. The first one is on certain private tracker torrents, I get an error message saying "Failure: access denied, banned client". I'm not banned from the private tracker, as when I revert back to 3.2.1 the message disappears and it says "working" instead. All the other torrents work fine under 3.2.2 RC1, just not the private tracker torrents.[/quote']

rtorrent reports "client : Unknown (%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00) "

How can you whitelist such a client, not reporting clearly ?

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