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Windows locking up, utorrent possible problem.


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I am runnin utorrent version 3.2 and whenever it has been running for about 5 minutes my windows locks up, i can still use the alt tab function, ctr+alt+delete does nothing and any other programs running freeze.

For settings i have all the default ones except that i assigned a folder to store completed dowloads and used the setup guide for utorrent to determine my dl and upl speeds.

I use ESET smart security 5.0 with utorrent added to the exlusion list.

Here a DXDIAG of my PC:


Also on a side note i have to mention that in the past ( before a complete format and reinstall of my pc) this porblem did not occur. I had the same settings and ESET 5.0 aswell and everything ran smoothly.

I have WIndows security completely disabled aswell. If you need further information i'd be happy to provide it.

Thank you for your time,


(EDIT1: I think after looking around on the forum further that my problem is a disk overload of 100%, why this happens is a mystery to me)

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