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dir_active, dir_completed and dir_download


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I have this issue where whenever I add a torrent and it finishes downloading (or checking if already downloaded), it gets moved to dir_completed instead of dir_download that was specified for that torrent. Also, nothing shows up in my dir_active at any time, not that it really matters because as it downloads, it downloads into dir_download for the individual torrent but then moves to dir_completed upon finish. I just want the content to stay in dir_download and not get moved to dir_completed (unless no dir_download was specified).

PS.: The WebUI says "Sub Path:" does that mean it has to be a sub path of dir_completed for it to work? Or a relative path of dir_root?

Here's my config:

dir_active: /tmp/utorrent/active/ # don't think this works
dir_completed: /mnt/WD_SATA_3TB/Uncategorized/ # works too much
dir_torrent_files: /server/utorrent/utorrent-server-v3_0/torrents/ # works
dir_temp_files: /tmp/utorrent/temp/ # don't even know what this is for? Don't think it works either
dir_autoload: /server/utorrent/utorrent-server-v3_0/torrents/ # don't know if this is needed but I set it anyway

All paths are absolute and dir_root is empty. I don't use relative paths because I want my temporary/active to be hidden somewhere on the linux partition and the finished content on my 3TB drive.

Hope you guys can help!

Thanks in advance

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