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Speed issues


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Hi, i am new to this forum even though i`ve been using uTorrent for many years now. Its just that i never had a problem with it - on most torrents i was downloading with full speed.

I am now downloading big torrent (180 gb) with (recently upgraded) d:6Mbit/u:1Mbit ADSL connection.

I used utorrent setup guide to configure my bandwith settings. Test shows 737 kbit upload speed and sets:

upload limit to 90 kB/s

connections per torrent to 100

max active torrents to 6

upload slots to 6

global connections to 450

and Max active downloads to 5

as for port forwarding: i manualy forwarded (UDP and TCP)port on my router to a port given by utorrent (with randomize on start disabled). also i included utorrent in avast firewall exceptions. Outgoing protocol encryption is disabled.

My ip is dynamic. As form my knowledge my isp (telekom srbija) is not throttling any bittorrent protocol.

For 4 days of downloading my speed was constantly varying: on first day it was ~ 400 - 650 kB/s. Later speed droped down to ~100 - 300 kB/s. Finaly (4th day) it went down to ~ 30 - 120 kB/s rarely exceeding 200 kB/s.

the torrent that i`am downloading have: ~534 seeds and ~1435 peers. The seed/peer ratio is jumping up and down from day to day around ~ 0.178 to ~ 0.700. i noticed that with higher s/p ratio my downloads slows down under 100 kB/s. i dont think that has anything to do with the speed, as my client rarely connected to a seed, and even then dl speed was not that great (i presume those seeds have slow ul speed). Also availability is jumping from 2.999 to 18.9999. Torrent have 9 trackers.

I was wondering if there is anything i can do to speed up my dl speed, seeing that other clients have much greater speeds than me (from 600 kB/s to 2.5 MB/s).

Things i tried:

1.lowering the ul speed cap to ~70 kB/s. it seems to me that it have positive effect on dl speed (although i am not sure if this is objective)

2.changing connections per torrent from 100 to 50, and global connections from 450 to 250. I let it run with these settings for several hours. speed went up and stayed around 180 kB/s most of the time, but health of torrent went down as availability was very low.

afer 4 days and 8 hours: client downloaded 35.5% with avg. speed 181 kB/s.

Is there anything i can do to speed up the download or its just torrent that is too slow?



i`m realy sorry for any language mistakes or wierd sentences (i hope i made my self clear) as english is not my native and i use it only occasionally.

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Hi again.

After i let utorrent download for several hours i get speed drops down from full speed to 32 kB/s again.

I check port forwarding test and i get yellow check sign - port is not open. I go to my router page to see there: the port is open, also i checked ipconfig in cmd - local ip address remained the same.

I tried to decheck and recheck UPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping, and tested again - green check mark.

After some time same happend, but rechecking didnt work, same local ip, same port. I reseted computer and router aswell, and everything went normal again.

What can i do to avoid this, since i am not always going to be sitting at my computer?

win 7

router - hauwei HG 520

usb wireless adapter - tl-wn721n (tp-link)

Also is there a way to see if ports are open using utorrent remote?

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OS is win 7 ultimate 64x

Yes, there is exception in avast for utorrent.

Wired connection - about week ago i was connected to router via UTP cable. Never had this problem, but then i changed location of router in another room so i can connect my tv to router for ipTV. Since then i have issues with utorrent and ports. Even installing drivers for usb wireless adapter was a nightmare (several blue screen and so on).

client version is 3.2.1

I will post build when i get home. Currently i am at work.



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Since then i have issues with utorrent and ports

So we have eliminated uTorrent and computer issues and this is most likely attributed to/caused by the relative positions of wireless access point (router) and the wireless card.

The radiated pattern from a dipole antenna, as used on 802.11 networking, is like this, dipole-antenna-dispersal.jpg so if the antenna on your router are set so the card on your machine is on the edge of the coverage area you may get a full strength signal but experience problems with the data transfer.

I have problems if my wireless "neflix" box gets moved and it is less than two feet away from the router so it can end up being in the "dead area", repositioning the aerials will probably solve your problem, most people set them vertical. Which, depending on the dispersal area you need is probably not ideal.

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correction: my version is 3.1.3 and build is 27385

My router does not have an antena ;) Also my wireless adapter is 10 meters from my router and signal passes through two walls, but signal have full strength.

I`ve now repositioned my reciever antena, its all good. will see how it works.

If problem persist i will buy enough UTP cabel to wire the whole house.


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