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Why does checking take forever?


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I realize that you have other places to report quirky (and no wanted behaviors).

I'm very sorry! Please forgive me.

There is no bug, other than the time it take to perform the rechecking task is veeeery long.

To reproduce it:

1. simply "stop" any torrent'

2. choose "force recheck" from the drop-down-menu produced by a left mouse click on a marked torrent process.


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I'm so sorry for this post posted in the wrong mailbox.

As to your question(s):

I'm currently running Version 1.7.6 (27691) on a MacBook Air with OS X 10.7.5. As my mac is very small in memory, all my files are on a 2T wifi connected drive. A so called Time Capsule. It would be very nicr to able to set in preferences that (re)checking files is taken care of first. (may reduce the number of downloading files and/or may reduce the number of giles currently be seeded)

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Ok so you actually need to be in the Mac section as well - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewforum.php?id=28

Asking question in the right board means you are more likely to get the answer you need, right now this thread is two days old and you are nowhere near getting a useful answer. As this is the Windows section and I do not run a Mac so have no idea what the issue might be, and would not even read or reply to a question in the Mac forums and Mac users probably don't read in this section.

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