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Bought utorrent and then I bought BTguard now nothing works


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Earlier today I bought the commercial version of uTorrent. I immediately tested it by downloading a game that is distributed on torrent (rFactor2 by ISI). So far so good. I mostly downoad legal torrents but sometimes I don't, so I decided to purchase a subscription for BTguard.

After the purchase and the installation I went to PB and tried a couple of torrents. They didn't work . I would get the torrent loaded but then nothing happened, no transaction at all.

I then realized the BTguard was launching its own version of uTorrent. So I proceeded to do the "Advanced" installation. I entered the values in the commercial uTorrent proxy and tried the same torrents again.

No dice, still nothing is downloading, legal or otherwise. I even tried the BTguard test torrent and nothing is going on.

I am pretty sure I entered the proxy values correctly and I check my firewall is not blocking the programs.

I am really confused how to proceed.

What should I do with BTG version of uTorrent? Should I substitute it with the one I bought?

BTG also doesn't look like is working very well, I don;t know if it has a log but by looking at the activity I see a lot of aborted connections but also a lot of established connections so at least a bit should be working.

Anyone else with experience with BTG and uT commercial that can give me some hints?

By the way, I am rebuilding my computer with a new SSD and a new OS, so I am trying to restore it as best I can but I am also very busy installing stuff, restarting and so on.,


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I apologize for my profound ignorance in this matter, but is there a way to make the latest version of utorrent work with BTguard?

I tried entering th proxy for btguard in the version I purchased, but it behaved exactly like their older version.

I am not asking for support but just to be pointed in the general direction as to what I can do to use utorrent with BTguard or if there is another way to accomplish the same thing with utorrent with or without BTguard.

If anyone knows for a fact that there is no way to make utorrent work with utorrent, then I'll stop trying to make it wok. If there is a way, then knowing that I'll continue to research ways to make it work.

Thank you.

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