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No uploading with Windows 8 CP


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Anybody else having upload problems with uTorrent (3.2.1) and Windows 8 CP?

Everything is downloading fine but come seeding time it doesn't connect to peers steadily in order to upload (continuously connecting and dropping them). My other PC with Windows 7, same uTorrent settings and torrents, is fine.

Followed all troubleshooting tips with no luck. Has anyone had a similar problem and fixed it?

Thanks for your help!:D

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Sorry misunderstood. Yeah both PCs have different ports for uTorrent and all are open and forwarded.

In the meantime I had an idea which fixed my problem!! :D So I am just posting it here in case it helps someone else.

I went into the Advanced Settings of Windows Firewall (Windows 8 CP) and I made new Inbound and Outbound rules for the uTorrent port that I use. I did this for TCP and UDP, Inbound and Outbound, so four new rules in total. Just follow the wizard when you click on New Rule and make sure you click to allow the connection.

I also specified the local and remote port as the same port. You can do this by right-clicking on the new rule that you made and then selecting properties. You'll then find these settings in the Protocol and Ports tab.


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