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uTorrent causes cpu usage spikes, bogs down overall speed


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Love the program, it is the most practical client I have ever used. But recently (more specifically oct. 3rd) uTorrent has been causing my computer to slow to crawling speeds. I knew it was utorrent because as soon as I closed the application, my computer picked up speed within seconds. I tried uninstalling it (was using 2.2.1) reinstalling same version, same issue. Upgraded to newest version, same issue. Went into appdata folder and cleared out the resume.dat and all other files, still does it. Currently the largest file in the appdata folder is 128kb I don't know what to do.

I was led to believe that it could have been related to some windows updates I downloaded, I uninstalled them, still have the problem. I am fresh out of ideas, I am running on windows 7 64 bit with sp1. I obviously have administrative rights and no AV installed (however I did install one and ran a full scan to be sure no viruses or whatever were on my computer, found nothing). I also tried removing the settings and redoing them, to no avail. This was a really random issue and and happened all of a sudden, any and all help would be great. I work in an IT department, so my knowledge of a computer isn't that of a complete newbie, so whatever you tell me to do in form of troubleshooting, I shouldn't have a problem doing it. Thanks.

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