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Need to hide IP address function.


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If I downloading a file, I can found peer's IP address from 'Peers' tap.

Actually, it's going to be no problem for most of uTorrent users.

but for some it can be.

If someone downloading some Adult video, South Korean Police are tracking downloader's ip.

Few days later the downloader will get a phone call from Police station because downloader downloaded Adult Video.

indeed, a Adult Video that school girl looking actress appears in it. I mean not real school girl. Just for concept.

Many of Japanese Adult Video contained that kind of concept. even if very middle age woman wears school uniform, police think "You are tend to be a teenage sexual abuse. You have to go to prison."

I don't care about what women wearing in the video. I just like to see beautiful body. but I could go to prison just for 1 minute school uniform scene.

Also if some Actor or Actress has very young looking face, (juvenile looking?) Police judge it as a child porn. (some people got a fine because they downloaded animation of school story.)

So many people accused by police and prosecution. I understand what police worried about. but I think this is not right.

They are just trying to made a big issues for presidential campaign for a party.

If you guys make <Hide Ip Address> function as soon as possible, police could not tracking downloaders anymore.

and then thousands of people will going to be happy.

so funny and sad to post this.

and please understand me about not good grammar and expressions.

Thank you.

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