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New update errors, can't download/invisible file?


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I downloaded the new update and now my utorrent is spazzing out. whenever I try and download a particular file it acts as if it's already listed, but it isn't, at least from what I can see. I can download other files, but they are numbered from 2 and onwards. I can't figured out how to get it to show to either delete it or let it download and it's really bugging me. I've looked for solutions but I haven't found any, or any I could understand anyway.

Whenever I try and download it, it's telling me it's already listed and if I'd like to use the same trackers.

Can I please get some assistance?

Thank you.

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This same thing happens whenever 1) it is the time of updating, and at the same time when 2) a new torrent is going to be registered with a dialog but not registered because I push OK button for update confirmation.

The thing is... the torrent I was trying to register and star has been recorded as registered in resume.dat file during shutting down process of update. However, since I did not push OK for the new torrent to register, the torrent is not registered to start when utorrent restarts next time.

So, the problem is... that utorrent handles such incomplete torrent as registered whenever it should not. A torrent that is not registered manually should not recorded in resume.dat file. Or there should be a way to edit the resume.dat to eliminate unregistered (but actually registered) entry.

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