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Song Play in utorrent internally When Download Finish


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As we have till now option run the program when the torrent finish we have to use the commands for the run program in advanced but is there possible so you have to create new option so user have to select the file mp3 or wav then song play internally in utorrent no program run.no song play by windows media player. download complete song play internally in utorrent without need of extra program.because run the program option required extra program to run song like windows media player.but we want song play in internally in utorrent

for example this windows gadget have option the alarm play internally no commands required no need extra program required just select the file and enabled the alarm.same function should be in utorrent select the file preview song play.then download finish song play automatically

like this windows gadget instead of enable alarm there will be enable download finish song we can check or uncheck see image below.user will see song play by utorrent then it means download complete



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