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existing torrents report "missing files" after update


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let me begin by giving some quick background here.

over the course of a couple of months downloading on and off i have been downloading a relatively large archive of Geocities, i have so far grabbed a substantial portion (460GB) and never had an issue once with your Previous Version of uTorrent, never one issue, that is, until today.

i updated to your latest offering, and now, every existing torrent including the Geocities torrent, always reports "Files missing from job", which is wrong because the files are still there, they havent moved, ive forced them to re-check 3 to 4 times each, the geocities torrent i forced a recheck of its 460GB size TWICE, as it takes 2 hours to recheck everything, and it still kicks up a fuss saying "files missing from job".

how on earth do i fix this very annoying and frustrating problem?

because realistically, if i have to download all of that 460GB AGAIN, i will not be happy.

i hope someone has a solution, cheers.


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The geocities torrent has issues because it has multiple folders with what windows considers to be the same name. It's not avoidable.

the geocities torrent is all in .7z files with numerical appends, so that problem is non-existant at all in the current .7z state.

that also, for lack of a better word/sentence, doesn't help fix my missing files problem sorry.

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