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web ui 0.386 tables missing


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well, it was there a moment ago, now the sidebar and details are missing, but i see the list of torrents.

I was running 3.1.3 on winxp, and at first it worked like a charm. then i went to play with remote, and when i came back to web ui, the sidebar et al wont load. i downloaded 3.2.1 tonight, and still no joy. interestingly enough tho, in a vmachine win7 x64, it seems to work ok for the most part.

i've tried everything i can think of, but a complete uninstallation and reinstall. http or https no joy. my first impression was it screwed up right about when i modified the alternate listening port and also went to try remote (call me paranoid). So i've tried different ports, https, the current port, remote on or off, i think i even tried a 0.380 i found on another computer.

i was very impressed to see the web ui work beatifully the first couple of time. i already miss it. any ideas? i'm win7 64, i mainly use opera, but i tried chrome, fox, and bill's browers as well. no joy.

i also tried the gui/? longer string {} reset thing that i read in troubleshooting. that seemed to error.

had some fun troubleshooting, but i'm out of ideas. anyone?

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did some more testing today. it has something to do with the old settings file being carried forward. a fresh install with a brand new settings file will have the web ui displaying fine, but it i carry my old (existing?) one forward, then the web ui does not display correctly. my web ui setting is a use alternate port, name and password. i wonder if i could upgrate using my old settings file by first disabling the web ui, upgrading, and then turning it on. i'll go try that. anyhow, i believe for certain there's a problem with the carrying forward of the settings file from 3.1.3 to 3.2.1....or somewhever along the way. i ahven't tried the web ui for a while.

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