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Connection Failed Error: Timed Out (10060)


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I have been using uTorrent very successfully for the last number of years. Only four days ago my downloads stopped abruptly. Did the speed test: The speed failed and the port was open and fine. I read the topic about the same error message and did what the person suggested: I checked my upload speed made and save some changes:

The setting of my upload speed is 573.4 kbits/s. The upload limit is 70 kb/s. My total ratio is 1.886, which is fine, I believe.

I downloaded two files after the changes were made and they went down well. This evening I tried again and there is no movement. Did the test and it's back to what the situation was yesterday.

In the message I mentioned above the member said that my ISP may be messing up the download. Can it happen so suddenly?

Can you help me make some sense of it?


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I've been trying to find the T & C section to read up about what you say. I've checked the Privacy Policy link on the website and can't "fair use policy". Where would I find it?

Are you saying that it may be I'm not using it fairly? You won't believe it. While sitting here my file is downloading at a rate of 1.5 mb/s. It's like somebody is sitting in on this conversation. I'd appreciate your feedback, please.


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It will be somewhere on their website, do they not have a "search site" capability?

"Fair use" is what your ISP wants to make it, also there is "contention ratio" to be taken into account. A 10Mbps line might have a 20:1 contention (or more) so with all 20 online a 10Mbps becomes 0.5Mbps each.

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