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Files not moving to completed directory. Parts stuck with .1


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Ever since 3.1.2 the software seems to introduce news errors.

On one machine with 3.2.1 which uses two separate drives for download incomplete and download complete I have a problem where the torrent says seeding complete but the actual file on destination drive is corrupt and cannot be opened.

If I look in the incomplete download directory I can see some of the files still there with an additional .1 extension. If I delete the .1 extension and copy the file over the top of the corrupt file it appears it will usually then open.

Note that this is a config as stated with two drives so issue may not occur where using a single drive fro download and complete. The problem appears to be occurring in the move file process.

Is this a known problem?

Any suggestions on how to fix?


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The addition of the .1 ext is so that the file can remain active for seeding while the data is being being moved. once the file is complete in the new location the .1 file will be removed.

I'd say this is an issue where either something is interfering with the transfer (AV possibly) or the speed of your drives are causing it, are they internal or external and what AV are you using?

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Hi There

They are both internal drives and the AV is Microsoft Security Essentials.

I'm inclined to agree something's interrupting the transfers.

I might have to move all to same drive to fix in meantime.

Is there anyway to do that with active torrents or do I have to wait for them all to complete?


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