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Files not downloading in their correct directories.


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Ever since 3.12 there seems to be new errors introduced.

On an install running 3.2.1

I have the following Preferences - Directories.

Put new in -


Move completed to -


One for complete, other for incomplete as usual.

Problem is half the torrents are starting to download in h:\ completely ignoring the stated sub-directories.

This is making a mess of the drive and it is very difficult to manage torrents as I now am unsure which folders are actually complete or still downloading.

Is this a known issue?

Any suggestions on how to fix?


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Hi there

I thinks it's the latest auto update package (build 28086).

It's duplicable in the context that two machines manifested the same problem as soon as they were updated. Dropping the named sub-directories in preferences most times.

I reverted the other machine back to 3.1.2 (build 26740) as that has pretty much been the last build that consistently worked for me. I have ten torrent machines and they have all consistently had faults since upgrading versions after 3.1.2. Usually just crashing (freezing) all the time.

It's hard to know now which were magnets and which were torrents. I usually use torrent files if readily available as they start more reliably but have to use magnets much more these days.

Any comment on which is preferable?

Thanks for your assistance.

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