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Truecrypt, Network drives and "Error: Invalid download state"


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one thing which is bothering me and which needs to be fixed. When the torrent directories are not accessible at startup µTorrent marks the torrents as corrupt, which makes no sense. Just because something is not available doesn't mean it's corrupt (besides it's trivial to check if just a torrent's data is not available or the whole download directory!). Fix it. It's annoying as hell and impossible to make 100% sure that the path to the download and torrent directories is available especially when one has set µTorrent to start when Windows boots up.

I can understand that if during runtime the network or encrypted drive becomes unavailable that µTorrent wants to check the integrity of the torrent data, but at startup? Please fix this annoyance.

Another bug in this context: µTorrent forgets the user given name of a torrent when it becomes invalid in this way. Imagine you've rename every torrent you've downloaded to a specific name and they all revert back to the random gibberish the uploaders have chosen as the torrent names. The sad funny thing is that µTorrent does not forget the new names of the files/directories which got changed along the way when changing the name in the torrent download dialog.

A feature in the "Advanced" sub-menu of the right-click menu to rename the torrents in the torrent list to the destination file or directory would be nice and it would be easy to implement. And to fix the first problem a feature to mark all invalid torrents as valid, and also give a warning if the torrent folders are unavailable at startup and only proceed if the user says it's ok to seed the torrents and continue startup of µTorrent.

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