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I post it in other section, and moderator forward me here...


Hello, dear admins and users.

Today I registered on your site and set up Russian version of it, cause I'm form Russia. I find it a little strange. Is it beta version or final? There are not serious errors in the translation, but some usual termins looks not usually for me. For example the bottom button "Go" which follow you to forum's sections you translate as "Иди", it's sounds like an order.)) Better will be "Перейти".

And user menu also:

Essentials - Основное - good :)

Personal - Личное - not good, better will be "О пользователе"

Messaging - Пейджеры - very funny. :D Use there "Контакты"

Personality - Личность - not good. Better will be "Аватар/Подпись", cause this menu is using just for avatar and description.

Display - Вид форума - understandable, but we more like "Отображение форума" or just "Отображение"

Privacy - Приватность - good.

Thanks for attention, have a good day. ;)

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