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Why doesn't RSS downloader work for me?


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This is my first time trying the RSS download feature.

I created feeds for my several favorite TV shows. The feeds screen is as below:


Assume that the name of the TV show which I'm trying to auto-download is "My TV Show". I blurred out its original name because of privacy concerns.

After creating feeds, I registered some of that feeds (including "My TV Show") to the RSS Downloader, as you see in the image below:


I have waited for far more minutes than "rss.update_interval" variable is set to, but still it didn't download the latest episode (the 27th episode on the top of the list in the first image) which was released 19 hours ago.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? Please instruct me.

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Install 3.2.1 or 3.2.2

3.1.3 is not supported on the forums any more

Some people can't get RSS Feeds working correctly with new versions. The last confirmed by the community version that people doesn't seem to be having problems with is 3.1.x

I'm also having the problem with 3.1.3

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