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Can't Seed


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Hey guys,

I've got uTorrent on a fresh windows 7 install that won't seed. In total it has seeded for exactly two sessions at a couple of hours at best (at max upload speeds). Otherwise, I can't get a single kbps

Protocol Encryption has been enabled.

Firewall rules have been added (even turned off)

ports forwarded + all green

checked ISP (SKY UK with sky wireless ADSL router) and they don't interfere according to glastnost test.

I'm running Avira antivirus and comodo firewall, have tried turning both off.

I set up my client according to the conservative settings chart (also tried built in wizard):


Here is a screenshot of my torrents: (after a week of gradually adding torrents)


Most of the time there are more peers than seeds but I still can't connect.

Does anybody have any more ideas?



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