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Disk Overload 100%


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Hey Guys,

Been battling a few days with Disk Overload. I know there are a ton of threads on this, but it DOES seem to be fixed on build 28038+ (Alpha).

I'm an Iscsi user, and I thought the issue was within my network. However, testing proved this not to be the case. There are some serious IO issues in uTorrent these days,

Anyways, this build works sweet.

Here are my settings FYI


How do I know it's working? Here is my NAS (Using iSCSI)


Before I was only getting 30mb/s across the network.

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I too have been troubled by the constant disk overload error. It went away for a while and now it is back to bug me once again.

Im using the latest stable 3.2.1 version on windows 8 RC 64-bit. What I noticed was that when the error starts my performance monitor shows up to 60MB/s writing going into my designated downloading drive. That, while the highest download speeds I've gotten were around 10MB/s. Could it perhaps be that utorrent just writes some files away 10-fold at a time therefore completely clogging the harddrive?

Has a cause been found yet at all? Because I have been having these issues every now and then for a very VERY long time!


Performance monitor:


Edit1: I designated my built-in 512gb SSD to be the download destination and utorrent really tried its best to overload it by writing away more than 300MB/s!!!!!!


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