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Cannot seed my own torrents


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Just joined this forum as i would like to ask you for help. My problem is that i cannot seed my own torrents and i can't figure out what's wrong. In utorrent i see peers like this 0(12) and no one connects. But i tried downloading this torrent from another PC in the home network and it worked. So i went to portforward.com and opened the used port, but it still didn't work. So i mad a static IP with their program and downloaded their PFPPortChecker program which reported that the port is open.

Now I'm lost and not sure what else should i do to make it work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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You can't force them to connect and actively download, they may have picked up the torrent and have it is in their job list but not actually requesting any pieces from you. It does not necessarily mean they cannot connect, just that they havent as yet.

Have you asked anyone you know to try and download the torrent from you?

And of course if nobody has downloaded anything, they cannot be "leeching", it would make them "lurkers"

"leechers" are peers that download but do not allow or severly limit uploading from them.

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