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Utorrent build 27079 stops accepting new torrents on Ubuntu 12.04 x64


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My server works well for a couple days, then I can not add any new torrents. I can access the Web UI, press add new torrent, select, then hit okay, but nothing happens. Also, when this problem occurs, seeds/peers do not correctly post, and traffic seems to run much more erratic on outbound connections.

On reboot uTorrent seems to run well for 2-3 days before the problem resumes.

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Same here but restart doesn't help, where are the logs?


So strange, on reboot it works with some torrents, but one in particular seems to be the problem...


Edit: ok now it works... dunno why, could be that while the seeding was queued, it can't add new torrents after reboot?


Anyhow utorrent server seems to need a reboot every month or so... :(

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