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(µT 3.2.1, Win 7 64bit) About "Get µTorrent Plus" in Options menu...


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Ever since that link appeared as the first entry in the Options menu, I've had to relearn not to click the first entry when I'm looking for the Preferences link.

Every time I accidentally click "Get µTorrent Plus" I'm taken to what amounts to a pop-up that fills the entire application window, covering my view of the torrents currently downloading, and that can't be closed unless I quit the application entirely.

I do not want µTorrent Plus; I just want to adjust preferences once in a while. I suppose it's more trouble to move the command to another menu (the Help menu, maybe, where you could list it underneath "Learn more about µTorrent Plus"?) than to simply add a "Close" button to the pop-up screen, but are there plans to implement either of those in future?

I love µT. It's easy, simple, and reliable. It's just that this one advertisement/pop-up thing is really getting in my way :(

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