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utorrent keeps crashing help !

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i was using version 3.2 build 27886 since 14 september fine until on 12 october it began crashing so ive been sending every dump file to the developers... question 1 how do i see whats in this dump file ? i cant see appdata in my c drive..if i need to adjust something to see those files please tell me how to thank you.

so i got version 3.2.1 build 28086 but i still have crashes all the time im lucky if i get 5 minutes of use !

so i got version 3.2.2 beta build 28138 but this keeps crashing too

so i try version 3.3 alpha build 28203 ...yep you guessed it this crashes all the time too

so today i went to <site not allowed> and got version 3.2 build 27886 released on 6 september as that worked in the past for me..but no this now keeps crashing ! please help me im getting really stressed out thanks :)

question 2 ps is it possible a bad torrent file could cause utorrent crashes ? eg if i got a torrent from a user im not sure whether to trust..is there anything they could do to a .torrent file or magnet link to cause crashes ?

question3 if it would help you diagnose why i have such a problem ill happily post a copy of something called hijackthis log i heard talked about somewhere..can anyone give link to how to do that ? thanks...edit ok see below ive taken screenshots for you

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13oct12pic1of3_zpsfc222f3e.jpg ive had to use a snipping tool to take pictures of my hijack this log as notepad said cant find c\programfiles (x86) \trendmicro\hijackthis\hijackthis.lof file do you want to create a new file ? so i clicked yes ...why cant i save log files ?

if you right click this pics and select view image they get bigger so you can read the info..please help me work out why many different versions of utorrent keep crashing on me thank you very much

udate on 15 october 2012..i use windows 7 genuine copy, java 7 update7 ( is utorrent written in java..does it matter if we have latest java ? , i use vpncheck pro, ive just deleted lot of torrents that wont complete causing me to have about 100 active torrents on at a time..still i get crashes, i save torrents to many different folders eg ill put 1 radio show into 1 folder such as bbc radio , and use another folder for say other music, i put films in folders by genre eg filmshorror or filmswesterns...so could this cause any problems ? also i save torrents to about 3 different external hard drives..because some torrents take a month or 2 to finish 1 hard drive is too full to add more stuff so i start a new one ( thats how i can end up with 3 different drives having info written to) ..again would that cause a problem ? but dont forget i was using these folders/drives fine until 12 october when the crashes began. ive just defraged all the drives ( windows had been doing this weekly anyway and there was nothing needing to be done so its not a defrag problem) , i have no viruses on my pc which i scan weekly..please help i dont want to go to another torrent client i have stuck with utorrent for years..help !!

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i think ive figured out its a porn torrents magnet link thats causing the problem ..ill include a link to it if were allowed to mention torrent sites here and or a porn dvds title ..admin please let me know as you may want to get software people to look at this torrents magnet link to see what could cause crashes..itll help you beef up your utorrent and bittorent software

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