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Variable Download Speed


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I have a relatively slow internet connection that I share with family. Often times having utorrent running in the background impedes video streaming.

I was thinking an option could be included where a utorrent would use full bandwidth every 5 minutes (upto the user) for a few seconds, get a check on how much bandwidth is available, and automatically throttle download speed dynamically to a certain amount less than the maximum available.

This would be useful when using an internet connection that is being shared by multiple people especially.

For example, if you can download at a maximum of 300kbps, as others connect to your network, or if you begin to watch video, that maximum will reduce. Utorrent could check what the new freely available bandwidth was available every few minutes, and set it a certain amount less, eg 50kbps less than available.

This would allow other users on the network to have an unimpeded internet experience, while still allowing utorrent to download at a good pace. I understand utorrent can limit global bandwidth download speeds as well as speed for individual torrents as per what the user wants, but this wouldn't be particularly useful when multiple people use the same network and use the internet in different ways, and the utorrent user isn't on hand to adjust for it.

I feel this should also be a relatively easy feature to implement.



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