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µTorrent not opening torrents


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I'm running into a problem which i am a bit unfamiliar with.

I've installed µTorrent already for ages, but I recently moved to my dorm.

However, every time I go back home, where I used to live ( read, not my dorm ) I cannot download.

When I click any torrent, tried with multiple, µTorrent will open but will not ask me to add the torrent. So the event is called. However, I tried installing vuze, he recognises the torrent but will not download it again.

Since I can download on my dorm I suspect some blocked ports from my ISP.

Any help? I tried to check any ports with an online tool but every port is blocked.

Also if I could confirm it's the internet that is giving trouble and not my pc is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Is it the same PC in both locations?

What version and build?

What Operating system?

PC in both locations

Version n build : no updates available. Version : 3.2 Build 27886 32Bit

OS : Windows 7 Home version ( soon updating to ultimate version.

Also did some debugging and I could download with another PC on this NET.

Firewall is out.

I will try to do some more debugging soon

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AV: Trendmicro Disabled it, didnt help

Fire wall, disabled.


I've tried some stuff with vuze and it can download, but very solwly. around 350kB/s whilst this net can download at a maximum of 5MB/s


I found a work-around

When i do 'add torrent and choose save map' The torrent will be added.

so the only thing im missing is the 'add torrent screen' of uTorrent itself. any idea's

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