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uTorrent Beta - Torrent App


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Please remember, this post is *NOT* about the "uTorrent Remote" app.

Rather, it is about the "uTorrent Beta - Torrent App" in the Google Play Market.

I can provide a link to the app, if anyone needs me to.

For some reason, there is no section for this app in these forums, so I just posted here, in the closest thing (forum), which is this one, which is for the "uTorrent Remote" app (which I also use).

I tried emailing you folks, using the Market provided email addresses, but they got bounced back.

Someone needs to fix that, please!

None of the following is intended to be rude. Just direct. :)

Anyway, on with the reason for this post...

I do not understand why I cannot add torrents from my local storage from within the app, when I tap on the Add (+) button in the app. It wants me to put a URL in the box. I have no idea what the URL would be.

I downloaded actual torrent files and went to add them and it just does not have an option to do that.

I did put a reference to the file into the URL box, by typing int something like the following;


...and that did work, so I know it *CAN* accept torrents from local storage. It just doesn't currently let you browse to them, which I would like it to be able to do, please.

Yes, I know that a user can tap the torrent file in a file explorer/manager, but my default app for torrents is "uTorrent Remote", which I use for video downloads. I am trying to download music this time, which I do not do much and so, I did not leave it set to prompt me as to which torrent app to use when I tap on a torrent. I thought that I would be able to add the torrents manually in "uTorrent Beta - Torrent App".

FYI, I do not wish to download the music out to my laptop over the network using uTorrent Remote. I want to download it straight to my Tablet, which is why I ran your "uTorrent Beta" app, instead of the "uTorrent Remote" app.

Can you please add the option to add a torrent straight from local storage? You can do that in the Windows uTorrent app, so why not in this one, right? :)

Please let me know if you are going to do this, or if I should look for another app. I'd rather stick with you guys, but I'm just not going to jump through hoops in a torrent app, to download a couple of audio files. And since I don't do this with music that much, it doesn't have to be a very powerful app, like yours is (although it is nice to have one that is, like yours).

I am trying to stick with you guys out of loyalty. In fact, if your app did the following two things, I would donate to this app:

1) Manually add torrent files from local storage, from within the app.

2) Have a setting in the Options screen, that allows the user to set a specific and permanent folder for their downloads.

Again, please let me know if this feature will be added or not, so that I know whether to wait (as long as it's not a long time), or to seek out another app.


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