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Disappointed by crapware installed by utorrent


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I just installed utorrent for the first time and was disappointed that it:

- installed a Toolbar in Chrome, Firefox, and IE without my permission

- installed a search engine without my permission in Chrome, Firefox and IE9

- changed my search engine to Bing in all 3 browsers

- changed my home page in a 3 browsers

- broke my Chrome preferences file so its appearance and behaviour changed

I don't remember allowing this or even being asked about this, and I've had to spend way too much time to figure out how to remove the crap and put things back they way they were, so I'm not about to give utorrent another chance.

Your installer sucks and you suck.

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I had a 700 MB download cut off due to this crap installing in chrome and restarting the browser, only had 40MB left and redownloading now as we speak (slow source takes 3-4 hours to do the download) . Man did that make me mad when it happened, I was tempted to uninstall it right then in there, but decided it was my fault for not using a download manager. Nobody uses these browser toolbars that are installed, they just piss people off. :) I make sure not to mess around with utorrent when something important is downloading in a browser window now, you have no idea when it will install more bloatware or redirect the browser to it's homepage, etc.

I had to vent. I love the software, great that it's free, keep up the good work. :)

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I just had to avoid crapware left and right, homepage changes and useless "offers". Then I spent 20 minutes trying to find a way to disable the "Featured Crap" stuck in my face right above my downloading torrents. Wow, just wow.

Finally I found a thread that mentioned I had to use the Options>Advanced and search for "spon" and other keywords. I guess a goddamn checkbox would be too much to ask for. (And no, F8 doesn't hide that, herp derp)

I remember the time when utorrent just silently installed itself on run. Simple as that. I will start recommending qBittorrent to friends and customers, or their PC will get hijacked by crapware.

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I just uninstalled and reinstalled to check, besides the trick of "iminent", where the option boxes say "Accept" or "Decline", trying to deceive the simpler user, THERE IS NO WAY NOT TO INSTALL ALL THIS CRAP.

I took the time to register here and to write this to expresse how unthoughtful a and disrespectful this is. Specially because you DON'T EVEN HAVE A CHOICE.

Now seriously, does that make you all that money? Do you have a study showing how great user think of ONE MORE ANNOYING TOOLBAR??? As if no other company has ever had this GENIOUS IDEIA OF FILLING OUR COMPUTERS WITH GARBAGE? As if every user is just a mindless zombie that clicks in the first invasive new home page you put on?

Congratulations! This greed has won you ONE LESS USER. You have just ruined a great software.


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