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am I in trouble?


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I received an email from abuse-silent@centurylinkservice.net

The purpose of this warning is to inform you that CenturyLink has received multiple

notices of copyright infringement sent pursuant to the Digital Millennium

Copyright Act ("DMCA") in connection with your account. The DMCA, passed by

Congress in 1998, allows copyright owners to notify a service provider such as

CenturyLink of alleged copyright infringement carried out on the provider's network.

Copies of the DMCA notifications CenturyLink received are included below.

Please be reminded that unauthorized posting of copyrighted material is a

violation of CenturyLink's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and High Speed Internet

Subscriber Agreement which prohibits use of the CenturyLink Network and Services in

any manner that would infringe, dilute, misappropriate, or otherwise violate

the intellectual property rights of others.

The CenturyLink Acceptable Use Policy and the High Speed Internet Subscriber

Agreement provides that CenturyLink may suspend or terminate your service for

violation of the AUP and/or Subscriber Agreement.

Please be advised that if this violation continues, or in the event that

additional violations occur, CenturyLink may take further action, including the

suspension or termination of your Service.

Please note that if you use the Internet for Voice over IP services (VoIP)

to support Internet based calling, you will not be able to make any incoming

or outgoing calls, including 9-1-1 calls, from your service address unless

you have Internet service.

Also, disconnection of a bundled service may result in loss of your bundle


If you need technical support or assistance in securing your device, please

contact CenturyLink High Speed Internet Technical Support at 1 877-348-9005.

If you believe the enclosed DMCA notices were sent to CenturyLink in error, you may

contact the copyright owner directly within the next five (5) days and email a

copy of your correspondence to CenturyLink at abuse@centurylinkservices.net.

CenturyLink will give consideration to this challenge in enforcing its AUP.

If you choose not to challenge the notices, we will assume for purposes of

enforcing our AUP that they were not sent in error.

Copies of the DMCA notifications CenturyLink has received are as follows:

then it goes on to show 20 different song titles off of 1 album.


it tells me to go here to pay them.

is this all legit and if I dont pay will I be fucked?

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Though putting any faith in a "Web of Trust" rating would be somewhat risky.

The way to check if it is genuine or not:

Are Century Link your ISP?

if so:

Did the message arrive at an email address you have registered as a means of contact with your ISP?

Does it address you by the name on your account in the message?

Have you checked the email headers for address or IP "spoofing".

If any of those answers are yes, they must have had the legal means to have your ISP release your details to them.

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I received 2 emails like this one... one from some organization like centurylinks and a 2nd identical one from my ISP. The difference was that neither asked me to pay. The cable company just warned me that if I got reported again, they would turn my account off.

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well, if this was genuine and they had evidance and power to prosecute anyone, why sending email threthening you hoping you may go to their site and pay them to avoid further actions by them?

It is only reasonable to think that you should have got a draft court sommons, with the option to make a legal settelment before the matter is taken before the court, in order to avoid court costs and legal fees, that is should you decide that given their argument and the evidence provided, in the court you will not have a leg to stand on.

a lot of very convincing scams goes around and a lot of people pay because what is in the message applies to them and they think, YES, I HAVE BEEN COUGHT, BETTER PAY AND END IT HERE.

After all, majority of net users at some stage have downloaded a song, video or program from web and/or have visited a port site, if the message addresses one or both of these issues well over 50% of those recieving the message may remember an occasion to autenticate the claim

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I recieved a landline yesterday informing me that my PC has been infected and they offered to fix it via phone....LMAO!!!....

Stereo typical Indian accent so they played it off that they were technicians from microsoft....

It just goes to show how easy your info can be had just by knowing your IP address!

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