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uTorrent Seeding Questions...


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Hey all. So for a while now I have been using uTorrent and didn't really care if I seeded much. If I did it didn't bother me, and if I didn't I didn't really care. Recently I joined a tracker which I quite like, but they require a certain seeding ratio to download new torrents (1.05 or greater in this case). The tracker is not that large right now, as it just recovered from being shut down for about a month, and so there are ~5-10 peers per torrent. I can seed files that I am downloading fine and most of them seed, however when they move to a 'seeding' status, they stop seeding even if they were when I was downloading. Over time, eventually one of them will seed for a bit, but I have ~6 right now and only one is consistently seeding at a decent rate (~30kB/s), while one other one sits around ~0.7kB/s. Is this normal? Is it possible that there simply are not enough peers wanting the file? IDK, I have never seriously seeded before... xD

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