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Magnet link Download Directories


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- uTorrent 3.2

- Windows xp

I have uTorrent set up with a folder for new downloads

- M:\Downloads\Downloading

and completed downloads

- M:\Downloads\Completed Downloads

I'm having issues with magnet links not creating new folders for the downloading torrents.

For instance what i'm used to/expecting is when I download a torrent it starts in

- M:\Downloads\Downloading\[torrent_name]\

and on completion moves to

- M:\Downloads\Downloading\[torrent_name]\

What's happening is downloads start in

- M:\Downloads\Downloading\

and on completion move to

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\

I'll try to illustrate the problem this causes with an example

I'm downloading 2 albums

1. curdled milk by lady gaga


- 01 cheese

- 02 cabbage

- 03 oranges

2. know your foods by alphabet city


- 01 radishes

- 02 corn

- 03 beets

When the two torrents finish downloading i end up with a folder that looks like

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\01 cheese

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\01 radishes

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\02 cabbage

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\02 corn

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\03 beets

- M:\Downloads\Completed\Downloading\03 oranges

So i'm forced to manually sort through the folder and divide files into their rightful directories. This really grinds my gears.

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